Community Dance



ARTDance International Dance Program, promots the development of artistic and social welfare programs.



Establishes collaborations with hospitals, day centers, and other institutions who can benefit from the implementation of socio-cultural welfare programs.

The development of this department where our students through performances and interactions carry out the scenic experience, takes over.

We will push the boundaries beyond the circumscribed dancing on stage: reaching out for different audiences, adapting to changing scenarios. Performing indoors and outdoors: becoming all-terrain dancers.

We will get to explore dance in the city, dance in the community: dance as a means for social transformation. Dance as the ultimate source of human communication.

« Dance came from the people, it should be given back to people’», Alvin Ailey


During the current academic year 2017-18 the following collaborations are scheduled:

April 2018, Institut del Desert de Sarrià, geriatric residence in Barcelona. Director, Isabel Giralt Delgado.

May 2018, Amics de la gent gran, Private non-profit Foundation. Honorary President, Ignasi Torrent.

Julay 2018, Helen Doron English Spain, Director, Helen Doron.