Graduate in Direction and Dramaturgy at ESAD, Theater Institute. Journalist and Professor of Dance History. Formed in classical and contemporary dance, he studied castanets with José de Udaeta and Emma Maleras. Collaborate as a journalist in many national and international magazines. In 1995 he published "José de Udaeta, 50 years on stage" and in 2002 the translation of "The language of dance" by Mary Wigman. Author of scripts for TVE, TV3, BTV and radio, as well as dramatic texts such as "Quijote Máquina", "Salomé Material" and the commission of Víctor Català "Espurnes de llum". Performer in the performance "Tórtola Valencia" (2000) directed by Xavier Albertí. Since 2006, director at different shows like "The trio in my flat" by Erik Rohmer (2007), "The man of the umbrella" by Joan Martínez Colas, "Juerga gitana" at the Flamenco Festival in Begur (2013), among others. Castanets concertist in manyproductions. Dance history lectures in Spain, France, Switzerland and Colombia.