WHAT’S ON 2017/2018


To highlight the technical and artistic work carried out throughout the anual process, ARTDance IDP performance at the Gala of the DansAmposta International Dance Workshop 2018 in which our students share stage with Cienfuegos Danza as well as with the  Székesfehérvári Balett Szinház at the Municipal theater “La Lira” of Amposta.

On the other hand, our students has also the great opportunity to share rehearsal and stage of the new choreography “Horitzons” by Aleix Martínez (principal at Hamburg Ballet), from ManNera Dance Company, together with  six dancers of the Hamburg Ballet directed by John Neumeier at the Casino l’Aliança Poblenou in Barcelona on July 20th and 21th.

“Grace”, choreography by Attila Egerházi“In nisa”, choreography by Esmeralda Maycas.“Fragilement forte”, choreography by Thérèse Lorenzo.
“Methamorphose”, choreography by Ismael Gil.“Trying too”, choreography by Gloria Ros.


ARTDance International Dance Program performs “Britten”, choreography from Esmeralda Maycas, at the Theatre Ateneu in Igualada, framed in the different events offered at the 20th International Dance Day  celebration in this city.


Nina Maycas, has been chosen to dance in the opera DEMON from Anton Rubinstein, at the Gran Theatre del Liceu, Barcelona. Choreographie from Edwald Smirnoff. Coproduction with Helikon Opera (Moscú), Staatstheater Nürnberg and Opéra National de Bordeaux.

Festival Castell de Peralada 2018  

The student of ARTDance International Dance Program Nina Maycas, has been chosen for the Castell Peralada Festival’s advertising video. On 14 March the programme for the 32nd Castell de Peralada Festival has been announced at the hall of mirrors at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona.
Isabel Suqué Mateo, President of the Castell de Peralada Foundation and Nina Maycas in the presentation of Festival Castell de Peralada at the Gran Teatro del Liceo.

Nina Maycas and Esmeralda Maycas, artistic director of ARTDance IDP.



ARTDance participates in XIII Dansa solidaria Marató TV3, Theatre Mercé Rodoreda in San Juan Despi. Clara Pla dances Metamorphosis, choreography by Ismael Gil. Thanks Júlia Barra and Carles Bonsoms , president and coordinator of Dansadespí andPremi Jujol.

Clara Pla with Esmeralda Maycas and Ismael Gil.


Esmeralda Maycas has been at the Tanz Festival Rhein-Main October 2017 where some of our students has made Intership this season at the Hessisches Staatsballet Darmstadt- Wiesbaden..

Nira Priore, head oh the dance exchange department of the Hessisches Sttatsballet and Esmeralda Maycas at the Foyer Sttatstheater Wiesbaden.

Nira Priore at the Foyer Staatstheater Wiesbaden.

Juny 2017  the first  edition of “The dancer’s statute” took place in Madrid. It has been a very interesting meeting to approach the all different areas of the dancer nowadays. Ismael Gil and Esmeralda Maycas attended.