Photo Deniza Dikova

The program is aimed at all dancers with a training in dance who are interested in honing their skills and striving towards professional placement. Embracing their prior learning, we give it shape and form and instill personality as well as autonomy. Through our program, the necessary abilities to meet the labor demand are forged.

Provided that aspirants have previously undergone a technical and artistic training, the program offers a complementary, innovative, avant-garde and visionary curriculum. Its strategic blueprint reaches out to the dancer’s efficiency, and it is sustained and wrapped by a network of international exchange.

The academic program consists of 30 hours a week and its comprehensive design includes subjects specifically related to the technical aspects of dance, as well as complementary ones that have an impact on the global and integral formation of the future dancer.

Landmarks to this progressive program are the following techniques: Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Point work, Improvisation, Yoga, Mental Coaching, Musical Education (voice and rhythm), Physical Preparation, Martial Arts, Partnering, and Choreographic Creation. Rounding up the program, we count on the presence of internationally renowned guest teachers and choreographers through workshops, choreographic processes, conferences and a myriad of many other diverse contributions.

This intensive preparation results in forming a top dancer who is versatile and capable of approaching choreographic proposals delineated by classic as well as contemporary styles. At the same time, the training provides with a wide perspective on professional development that  covers multiple areas of the performing arts.



Ballet & point work

10 hours weekly

T. Horton & Contemporary

7,5 hours weekly


1,5 hours  weekly

Pas de Deux & Partnering

0.5h  weekly





Choreographic  Process

4.5 hours  weekly


1h weekly

Self work

1 hour weekly







2 hours  weekly

Mental Coaching

2 hours weekly

PBT/ Pilates/ Gyrokinesis

1 hour weekly






0.75h weekly

Dance History

Art & Dance Analysis

0.75h weekly


To guarantee his/her place the student is required to send the signed school contract to ARTDance International Dance Program with the payment of the amount of 200€ corresponding to the administration fee for the course 2018-2019. The monthly payment  is 540€ per month (from September 2018 until July 2019).