January 2018 Workshop with Jone San Martín and Amancio González, Improvisation skills from W.Forsythe. Our students from ARTDance share this amazing experience with dancers from Israel, USA, France, Belgium and Germany. Wonderful dynamics and synergies took place.

Photos by Deniza Dikova

Prof. Lic. Carolina Ceriani, graduated in Musical Arts in Buenos Aires by the National Institute of Music of Argentina, president of the Fundation Parnasos in Salta, teaches a two-week workshop   “The Art in relationship with Music and Dance”. Very interesting way to understanding and approaching the music to dancers. We are very grateful to Prof. Lic.Carolina Ceriani.

Thérèse Lorenzo, guest teacher at ARTDance IDP in January and April 2018 is working a contemporary variations. Thérèse offers our students a educational high level and exquisite human and artistic sensibility.


The choreographer and director of the Hungarian Ballet Theatre and Székesfehérvári Balett Szinház Attila Egerházi and his assistant Cristina Porres made a new creation for the students of ARTDance. A intensive week of professional dynamic work with classes and rehearsals of the creation.  Thanks Attila and Cristina for this amazing opportunity.                                    

Beatrice Bardin, our ballet guest teacher in May. Excellent and exquisite French style. Merci Bea!!!!

Beatrice Bardin with Josianne Fleming coaching our dancers in the rehearsal.


MASTERCLASS with Diego Cruz, dancer at the San Francisco Ballet, inspiring!!!!!! Thanks for this gift!!!!!

Diego with Sara Lopez

Diego with Anna Puigcerver

Nice moments with Diego

At the barre, with Claudia and Ariadna

Diego and Nina